Top 5 reasons the Les Paul Guitar is the best


Top 5 Reasons Why the Les Paul Guitar Is The Best


Guitars that hold the Les Paul name are some of the most iconic musical instruments ever. Since their introduction in 1952, Les Paul guitar have really shaped the world of music. The 1954 Gibson Les Paul guitar was his first top version of the LP product.


Les Paul guitar is a thick, heavy guitar, both sonically and physically. The body and the neck of this guitar are made from mahogany. It has a maple top which helps to add some clarity to the tone.

Here’s a video of Les Paul & Mary Ford playing “In the good old Summertime”


Here are five good reasons why Les Paul guitar is the best:


  1. Quality


There is a good reason why Gibson Les Paul guitars are the best. This type of guitar is well appreciated for its unique tone, depth, and other exceptional features. Due to the fact that the body and neck of these guitars are made from mahogany, people love them even more because they are long lasting. Several competitor of this guitar are usually made with alder bodies and sound perfect, however, if you are looking for something that has a gut rumbling sound, Les Paul is your best option. If you are one of the people who care a lot about sound, you will be amazed to discover that even basswood or ash bodies can’t do what Les Paul does.


  1. Durability


Professional guitar players certainly have nothing to worry about when it comes to durability. Some veterans might argue that Fender guitar do better in this field, but the bottom line is, nothing can be compared to Les Paul. Once again, everything about the durability of this guitar is connected to the way it’s designed. Guitar experts would agree that instruments with set necks tend to have better quality and last longer than those with bolt-on necks. The bridge is also a vital factor. When you examined this instrument carefully, you will notice that the strings are fixed more firmly to the body of the guitar. Many people may not notice all these factors but these are some of the most vital factors to consider when shopping for an electric guitar.


  1. Tuning and Setups


Photo by irish10567
Photo by irish10567

There are several electric guitars on the market that are simpler to mod and very easy to replace their parts, however, when it comes to daily maintenance Les Paul would give you much less headache. Unlike other electric guitars, the Les Paul guitar has a Tune-o-matic bridge and one stop-bar. This means that this guitar has a better tuning stability and fewer problems when replacing the strings. For more experienced guitar players who have the knowledge and skills to replace the strings this doesn’t matter a lot. However, if you are new to playing guitar or working with guitars, choosing Les Paul guitar means little stress when it comes to everyday maintenance. If you are a beginner the Epiphone Les Paul guitar would be the most ideal instrument for you.


  1. Craftsmanship


Gibson Les Paul guitars are made in the United States. Gibson is one of the most renowned guitar builders in history. Every piece of instruments that he has ever made is great and valuable. When compared to other types of guitars, Les Paul guitar is a more finely crafted instrument. The standard versions features a carved top, amazing bindings, and block fret board markers. They say that one man’s meat is another man’s poison, but truth be told, Les Paul guitars are the best.


  1. Humbuckers


It is a known fact that Les Paul guitars humbuckers are renowned. Guitarists in different music genres such as jazz, country, blues, metal etc. use Les Paul’s guitars to get the sounds and tones that they want. If you are looking for a smooth jazz neck sound or a hard rock bridge sound, Gibson Les Paul guitar is the best option for you.


Some of the top Les Paul Guitars include the Billy Gibbon’s Pearly Gates, Peter Frampton’s Black 3 pickup Custom, Mick Ronson’s Natural Finish Custom, Jimmy Page’s No1 Standard and Eric Clapton’s Beano Les Paul. All these guitars have been used by famous artists and feature in some of the best all-time records. They all have unique tones, partly because of the guitarist’s style and partly because of the nature of the guitar and its pickups. The good thing about Les Paul guitars is that they can be used for any style of music and sound great.Photo by hans westbeek

Photo by Ozone Ferd
Photo by Ozone Ferd