Gretsch Guitars

Photo by oneoftwelve
Photo by oneoftwelve

Gretsch Electric Guitars

Gretsch electric guitars have a rich history of producing great musical instruments. They started out making banjos and drums, but evolved with time and helped many renowned artists with their careers. Among the most celebrated artists who have played Gretsch guitars are the likes of Chris Cornell of Sound garden, The Edge of U2, John Lennon, and several others.

Photo by fvancini
Photo by fvancini

Not so long ago, Gretsch began working with the Fender, another reputable guitar and musical instruments company. It’s obvious that the product that these two companies make will be great. Gretsch instruments come in three different designs. Each design has a number of distinctive variations. These three designs are hollow body electric guitar, single body electric guitar and acoustic guitars. They can also be divided further into double or single cutaways styles. In addition, there is a wide selection of features and finishes that make each brand different in both sound and appearance. Whether you are an expert guitar player or just a beginner, be certain that you will find a Gretsch guitar is perfect for you.

Since they joined forces with Fender, Gretsch has produced amazing guitars that are worth a try. Current Gretsch electric guitars are similar in design to Gretsch brands from the 60s and 50s, which is regarded as their best times. Their design is usually vintage, but they have advanced the electronics to match the best of the present times, including adding new pickups that produce a more vintage sounds.


Here is a look at some of the best Gretsch electric guitars:

Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet Guitar: With its chambered mahogany body and a set-in mahogany neck, and Gretsch G-cutout tailpiece, this guitar is certainly one of the best works of Gretsch. Other features include laminated mahogany top, bigsby tailpiece over a tune-o-matic, simple control system, two passive Gretsch mini-humbuckers, master tone, master volume, non-locking tuner and nut, and double cutaway body.

This guitar is vital as a rhythm musical instrument, because it’s sound is so clear. In addition, the semi hallow body gives it an exceptional warm tone. It is also reliable and durable.


The G7593 White Falcon Gretsch Guitar: This type of Gretsch guitar has a rich complex tone. It has 22 frets, 3-piece maple neck, 3-position toggle master tone switch, gold sparkle body bindings, v-shaped Falcon headstock, knurled strap retainer knobs, gold soarkle bound f-holes, block pearloid inlay position markers, and adjustable truss rod.  This is what my friend Andre who owns A&H Mechanical Services used to play.

Here is a video about the Gretsch White Falcon

It’s also important to note that this guitar has that classic Gretsch sound that can only be heard in old Nashville Country music, Red Hot Chilli Pepper recordings and Beatle recordings. The good thing about it is that it can be used for almost all genres of music. They are also ideal for live music playing.



Streamline Gretsch Guitar: If you love rock music this is the most ideal guitar for you. The quality sound that comes out of this guitar is suitable for retro rock n roll, and certainly indie music. This is an amazing guitar that comes at an affordable price.

Its features include one master volume control, humbucker volume controls, f holes, scratch plate, and v-shaped. Their finish is usually shiny and polished and the fret board is an amazing pearl inlay. Its neck also features 22 frets. When compared to other electric guitars within the same price range, this guitar is far much better. It has an amazing finish that can only be found in costly electric guitars.

Photo by 池田隆一
Photo by 池田隆一

Gretsch G5135 Eletromatic Covette Guitar: This type of instrument is shiny and well streamlined. Its features include mahogany glued-in neck, solid mahogany body, and rosewood fingerboard. Its finish is of a vintage style. It has a thin double cutaway body that makes it looks smaller. In the engine section, you will see a pair of Mega’Tron humbucking-pickups with separate master tone and volume controls.


The Bottom Line

The name Gretsch bring about images of some of the greatest guitars, with renowned names such as Black Phoenix, White Falcon, and Country Gentleman.

However, there is more to Gretsch name than big guitars with Bigsby vibrators and f-holes. Gretsch electric guitars are still the best musical instruments on the market today. They have also been used by several modern guitarists including Brian Setzer, Dave Stewart, and like the Telecaster, Stratocaster, and Les Paul, they are here to stay.