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Every guitar junkie  knows Willie Nelson’s Martin N-20 nylon string classical acoustic Trigger. Neil Young, Elvis, Cash, Dylan, Vedder – hell even Roy Rogers play acoustic Martins.  C.F. Martin started building musical instruments more than 185 years ago. What made him stand out was his ability to build a quality guitar with an amazing tone and outstanding workmanship. Today, Martin has over 120 brands of musical instruments, including the Martin electric guitars. For a guitarists who value the sound of his or her music, Martin electric guitar is a must have.

Martin built his first instrument in 1833. The Spruce, Rosewood, and other fine woods brought out wonderful tone and CF Martin never looked back. It’s wise to note that this company is still building guitars to Martin exact standards even now. The company understands that using the right type of wood, the best strings, and the appropriate bracing glue are all part of making an exceptional instrument.

The company produces a wide variety of musical instruments, which means there is something for everyone. Martin is committed to adding an electric function to any piece of instruments that he builds. Martin has also worked with renowned artists like Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton and several others to build limited edition instruments that were created to their exact standards.

Besides from the Limited Edition instruments, Martin also builds Special Edition instruments. Created with the same expertise and quality of any other Martin instrument, these guitars are not limited in quantity. These instruments are made with the usual woods used for any other guitars, but have the influences of some of the greatest artists including John Mayer.


Martin ventured into the electric business in 1959 by taking some of his previous work and adding DeArmond pickups to them complete with volume controls and tone controls on the lower bouts. The D-18E, the D-28E, and the 00-18E were some of his first work. These pickups were the DeArmond humbuckers with a black center in a trapezoidal hole and chrome sides, smaller poles along one side and large pole pieces on the other side.

C.F. Martin’s truly first electric guitars were the F style thinline archtops. These type of guitars consisted of three brands, the F-50, F-55, and F-65. They both had bodies slightly less than two inches thick and were made of maple plywood with bound tops. In addition, they both had shapes that were somehow similar to dreadnought and this made Martin famous. The cutaways were somehow wide and deep-seated, cutting out nearly right-angle from the neck. Other features include glued-in necks, dot inlays, 20-fret Rosewood fingerboards, and the archetypal Martin three-and-three headstock.


By late 1965, the F-series guitars were withdrawn due to lack of interest. Martin came up with a new series of electric guitars known as the GT series. There were only two brands of this series available at the time and they were known as the GT-70 and the GT-75. They both were thinline instruments with two F-holes and a neck that joined the body at the 15-fret. They both used the 22-fret Rosewood fretboard bound, had dot position markers inlays, and headstock that were redesigned and bound.

Why choose Martin electric guitars?

As mentioned earlier, Martin is one of the biggest names in guitars history. Many of his instruments have been played by some of the greatest artists of our era. These artists have appreciated Martin’s work because his instruments have a trademark sound and tone that cannot be found in other types of instruments.


Martin’s guitars have a rich history and they are available for any guitarists who appreciate his work. Today, Martin continues to create amazing instruments with the same standard. The old-wood craftsmanship culture is still employed today to create amazing guitars.

Here’s a video about the Martin EM-18


As a leading company for guitar manufacture with one of the most respected and renowned reputations in the industry, several well-known artists and guitarists have relied on Martin’s work over the years to achieve their dream. Whether you are planning to deliver an inspiring acoustic rocket set, or hit the stage with some of today’s most popular artists, CF Martin’s instruments have always pleased the audience for years and will still continue to please them for many years to come.


Some of the greatest artists and guitarists that have played Martin’s instrument are David Crosby, Jimmy Page, John Lennon, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, John Mayer, James Taylor, Neko Case, Woodie Guthrie, Gene Autry, Kurt Cobain, Mumford and Sons, Hunter Hayes, Dierks Bnetley and Ed Sheeran.