The most famous guitarists and the guitars they play

Guitar music is a combination of sounds. Expressing the feelings of the artist, it is not just a demonstration of their technical abilities. Most of the time, guitarists with very natural and basic musical skills have made a unique name for themselves. There have been many guitarists from every musical genre.

These famous guitarists are a real sense of encouragement for the upcoming young generation and the forthcoming guitarists of the world. It all depends on your affection and savor towards music.The following is a listing of some of the greatest and innovative guitarists in the world.

One of the leading names of all time is Jimi Hendrix. The real name of this legend was James Allen Hendrix. According to the Rolling Stone Magazine, Jimi Hendrix was ranked number one amongst the top 100 guitarists of the world. Some of his all times hits comprise of; Bold as Love, Experienced, Bleeding Heart and (slight return) Voodoo Chile. The song (All Along the Watchtower), written by Dylan and sung by Jimi, made him a superstar amongst his listeners.

The quality of Jimi in singing was that he always used to be in his natural tone, and this approach made a lot of people fall in love with him. Besides his tone of voice, the natural savor of Dylan can also be clearly heard in the song. Jimi Hendrix made an immense contribution to the music industry, and his fans will always cherish him all around the world.

Though starting in England, it wasn’t until the Monterey Festival in 1967 that he was known worldwide. He later went on to headline The 1969 Woodstock Festival and with his style of playing using guitar feedback and overdriven amplifiers he turned an annoying sound into a highly celebrated type of music.His guitar: Fender 60s reverse headstock Stratocaster.

Another amazing artist is Jimmy Page, from England he is also a composer and a record producer. He started out as a Studio guitarist then joined a band called the Yardbirds, which played from 1966 to 1968. He then founded one of the best and most popular English bands called Led Zepplin. In rock history, Jimmy Page is a legend in his right. As a guitarist and songwriter. Page was also ranked the ninth greatest guitarist of all time.His guitars: Gibson Les Paul Classic, Gibson Custom Shop Jimmy page Double Neck Electric.

You can’t talk about guitarists without talking about Slowhand Eric Clapton. This English award-winning rock guitarist and a singer is also a songwriter and composer. He has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times and was one of the best musicians of the 20th and 21st centuries. Though he has tried several styles, the blues are always present in his playing. He has played with Cream, The Yardbirds, and blues rock band John Mavril and the Bluesbreakers.His guitars: Eric Clapton Artist Signature Stratocaster.

Another great guitarist, from America, is Joe Satriani. His style of instrumental rock music in a world earlier dominated by pop opened the doors for an entirely new type of music. His blues and rock tone has a warm sound, and the influences of such artists as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck can be heard in his music.His guitars:Ibanez JS100,Ibanez JS100,Ibanez JS1200.

Fame came to Carlos Santana and the Santana Blues Band in the late 60s and early 70s. With a fantastic blend of rock, blues, jazz, salsa using Latin instruments such as congas, and timbales it was a sound with a great melody that Santana perfected over the decades to come.His guitar: PRS-PRS Santana II Gibson SG

AC/DC is an Australian hard rock band and its co-founder Angus Young is an amazing guitarist and songwriter and is ranked in the magazine Rolling Stones list of the hundred Greatest Guitarists Of All Time at 96th. He is recognized for his schoolboy costume outfits, and his strong edge style lead guitar playing.His guitar: Gibson Angus Young Signature SG.

One of the most popular bands of all seasons is by far The Rolling Stones. One of the co-founders. Keith Richards is a guitarist from England and sings as well as produces music with lead vocalist Mick Jagger. Together they have written and produced many hit songs, and Richards is rated number ten on the Rolling Stones Guitarist list.His guitars: Fender 1950s Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul Classic.

These are a few of the most famous guitarists and the guitars they play!

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Martin Electrics

Martin Electric Guitars


Every guitar junkie  knows Willie Nelson’s Martin N-20 nylon string classical acoustic Trigger. Neil Young, Elvis, Cash, Dylan, Vedder – hell even Roy Rogers play acoustic Martins.  C.F. Martin started building musical instruments more than 185 years ago. What made him stand out was his ability to build a quality guitar with an amazing tone and outstanding workmanship. Today, Martin has over 120 brands of musical instruments, including the Martin electric guitars. For a guitarists who value the sound of his or her music, Martin electric guitar is a must have.

Martin built his first instrument in 1833. The Spruce, Rosewood, and other fine woods brought out wonderful tone and CF Martin never looked back. It’s wise to note that this company is still building guitars to Martin exact standards even now. The company understands that using the right type of wood, the best strings, and the appropriate bracing glue are all part of making an exceptional instrument.

The company produces a wide variety of musical instruments, which means there is something for everyone. Martin is committed to adding an electric function to any piece of instruments that he builds. Martin has also worked with renowned artists like Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton and several others to build limited edition instruments that were created to their exact standards.

Besides from the Limited Edition instruments, Martin also builds Special Edition instruments. Created with the same expertise and quality of any other Martin instrument, these guitars are not limited in quantity. These instruments are made with the usual woods used for any other guitars, but have the influences of some of the greatest artists including John Mayer.


Martin ventured into the electric business in 1959 by taking some of his previous work and adding DeArmond pickups to them complete with volume controls and tone controls on the lower bouts. The D-18E, the D-28E, and the 00-18E were some of his first work. These pickups were the DeArmond humbuckers with a black center in a trapezoidal hole and chrome sides, smaller poles along one side and large pole pieces on the other side.

C.F. Martin’s truly first electric guitars were the F style thinline archtops. These type of guitars consisted of three brands, the F-50, F-55, and F-65. They both had bodies slightly less than two inches thick and were made of maple plywood with bound tops. In addition, they both had shapes that were somehow similar to dreadnought and this made Martin famous. The cutaways were somehow wide and deep-seated, cutting out nearly right-angle from the neck. Other features include glued-in necks, dot inlays, 20-fret Rosewood fingerboards, and the archetypal Martin three-and-three headstock.


By late 1965, the F-series guitars were withdrawn due to lack of interest. Martin came up with a new series of electric guitars known as the GT series. There were only two brands of this series available at the time and they were known as the GT-70 and the GT-75. They both were thinline instruments with two F-holes and a neck that joined the body at the 15-fret. They both used the 22-fret Rosewood fretboard bound, had dot position markers inlays, and headstock that were redesigned and bound.

Why choose Martin electric guitars?

As mentioned earlier, Martin is one of the biggest names in guitars history. Many of his instruments have been played by some of the greatest artists of our era. These artists have appreciated Martin’s work because his instruments have a trademark sound and tone that cannot be found in other types of instruments.


Martin’s guitars have a rich history and they are available for any guitarists who appreciate his work. Today, Martin continues to create amazing instruments with the same standard. The old-wood craftsmanship culture is still employed today to create amazing guitars.

Here’s a video about the Martin EM-18


As a leading company for guitar manufacture with one of the most respected and renowned reputations in the industry, several well-known artists and guitarists have relied on Martin’s work over the years to achieve their dream. Whether you are planning to deliver an inspiring acoustic rocket set, or hit the stage with some of today’s most popular artists, CF Martin’s instruments have always pleased the audience for years and will still continue to please them for many years to come.


Some of the greatest artists and guitarists that have played Martin’s instrument are David Crosby, Jimmy Page, John Lennon, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, John Mayer, James Taylor, Neko Case, Woodie Guthrie, Gene Autry, Kurt Cobain, Mumford and Sons, Hunter Hayes, Dierks Bnetley and Ed Sheeran.

Gretsch Guitars

Photo by oneoftwelve
Photo by oneoftwelve

Gretsch Electric Guitars

Gretsch electric guitars have a rich history of producing great musical instruments. They started out making banjos and drums, but evolved with time and helped many renowned artists with their careers. Among the most celebrated artists who have played Gretsch guitars are the likes of Chris Cornell of Sound garden, The Edge of U2, John Lennon, and several others.

Photo by fvancini
Photo by fvancini

Not so long ago, Gretsch began working with the Fender, another reputable guitar and musical instruments company. It’s obvious that the product that these two companies make will be great. Gretsch instruments come in three different designs. Each design has a number of distinctive variations. These three designs are hollow body electric guitar, single body electric guitar and acoustic guitars. They can also be divided further into double or single cutaways styles. In addition, there is a wide selection of features and finishes that make each brand different in both sound and appearance. Whether you are an expert guitar player or just a beginner, be certain that you will find a Gretsch guitar is perfect for you.

Since they joined forces with Fender, Gretsch has produced amazing guitars that are worth a try. Current Gretsch electric guitars are similar in design to Gretsch brands from the 60s and 50s, which is regarded as their best times. Their design is usually vintage, but they have advanced the electronics to match the best of the present times, including adding new pickups that produce a more vintage sounds.


Here is a look at some of the best Gretsch electric guitars:

Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet Guitar: With its chambered mahogany body and a set-in mahogany neck, and Gretsch G-cutout tailpiece, this guitar is certainly one of the best works of Gretsch. Other features include laminated mahogany top, bigsby tailpiece over a tune-o-matic, simple control system, two passive Gretsch mini-humbuckers, master tone, master volume, non-locking tuner and nut, and double cutaway body.

This guitar is vital as a rhythm musical instrument, because it’s sound is so clear. In addition, the semi hallow body gives it an exceptional warm tone. It is also reliable and durable.


The G7593 White Falcon Gretsch Guitar: This type of Gretsch guitar has a rich complex tone. It has 22 frets, 3-piece maple neck, 3-position toggle master tone switch, gold sparkle body bindings, v-shaped Falcon headstock, knurled strap retainer knobs, gold soarkle bound f-holes, block pearloid inlay position markers, and adjustable truss rod.  This is what my friend Andre who owns A&H Mechanical Services used to play.

Here is a video about the Gretsch White Falcon

It’s also important to note that this guitar has that classic Gretsch sound that can only be heard in old Nashville Country music, Red Hot Chilli Pepper recordings and Beatle recordings. The good thing about it is that it can be used for almost all genres of music. They are also ideal for live music playing.



Streamline Gretsch Guitar: If you love rock music this is the most ideal guitar for you. The quality sound that comes out of this guitar is suitable for retro rock n roll, and certainly indie music. This is an amazing guitar that comes at an affordable price.

Its features include one master volume control, humbucker volume controls, f holes, scratch plate, and v-shaped. Their finish is usually shiny and polished and the fret board is an amazing pearl inlay. Its neck also features 22 frets. When compared to other electric guitars within the same price range, this guitar is far much better. It has an amazing finish that can only be found in costly electric guitars.

Photo by 池田隆一
Photo by 池田隆一

Gretsch G5135 Eletromatic Covette Guitar: This type of instrument is shiny and well streamlined. Its features include mahogany glued-in neck, solid mahogany body, and rosewood fingerboard. Its finish is of a vintage style. It has a thin double cutaway body that makes it looks smaller. In the engine section, you will see a pair of Mega’Tron humbucking-pickups with separate master tone and volume controls.


The Bottom Line

The name Gretsch bring about images of some of the greatest guitars, with renowned names such as Black Phoenix, White Falcon, and Country Gentleman.

However, there is more to Gretsch name than big guitars with Bigsby vibrators and f-holes. Gretsch electric guitars are still the best musical instruments on the market today. They have also been used by several modern guitarists including Brian Setzer, Dave Stewart, and like the Telecaster, Stratocaster, and Les Paul, they are here to stay.


Top 5 reasons the Les Paul Guitar is the best


Top 5 Reasons Why the Les Paul Guitar Is The Best


Guitars that hold the Les Paul name are some of the most iconic musical instruments ever. Since their introduction in 1952, Les Paul guitar have really shaped the world of music. The 1954 Gibson Les Paul guitar was his first top version of the LP product.


Les Paul guitar is a thick, heavy guitar, both sonically and physically. The body and the neck of this guitar are made from mahogany. It has a maple top which helps to add some clarity to the tone.

Here’s a video of Les Paul & Mary Ford playing “In the good old Summertime”


Here are five good reasons why Les Paul guitar is the best:


  1. Quality


There is a good reason why Gibson Les Paul guitars are the best. This type of guitar is well appreciated for its unique tone, depth, and other exceptional features. Due to the fact that the body and neck of these guitars are made from mahogany, people love them even more because they are long lasting. Several competitor of this guitar are usually made with alder bodies and sound perfect, however, if you are looking for something that has a gut rumbling sound, Les Paul is your best option. If you are one of the people who care a lot about sound, you will be amazed to discover that even basswood or ash bodies can’t do what Les Paul does.


  1. Durability


Professional guitar players certainly have nothing to worry about when it comes to durability. Some veterans might argue that Fender guitar do better in this field, but the bottom line is, nothing can be compared to Les Paul. Once again, everything about the durability of this guitar is connected to the way it’s designed. Guitar experts would agree that instruments with set necks tend to have better quality and last longer than those with bolt-on necks. The bridge is also a vital factor. When you examined this instrument carefully, you will notice that the strings are fixed more firmly to the body of the guitar. Many people may not notice all these factors but these are some of the most vital factors to consider when shopping for an electric guitar.


  1. Tuning and Setups


Photo by irish10567
Photo by irish10567

There are several electric guitars on the market that are simpler to mod and very easy to replace their parts, however, when it comes to daily maintenance Les Paul would give you much less headache. Unlike other electric guitars, the Les Paul guitar has a Tune-o-matic bridge and one stop-bar. This means that this guitar has a better tuning stability and fewer problems when replacing the strings. For more experienced guitar players who have the knowledge and skills to replace the strings this doesn’t matter a lot. However, if you are new to playing guitar or working with guitars, choosing Les Paul guitar means little stress when it comes to everyday maintenance. If you are a beginner the Epiphone Les Paul guitar would be the most ideal instrument for you.


  1. Craftsmanship


Gibson Les Paul guitars are made in the United States. Gibson is one of the most renowned guitar builders in history. Every piece of instruments that he has ever made is great and valuable. When compared to other types of guitars, Les Paul guitar is a more finely crafted instrument. The standard versions features a carved top, amazing bindings, and block fret board markers. They say that one man’s meat is another man’s poison, but truth be told, Les Paul guitars are the best.


  1. Humbuckers


It is a known fact that Les Paul guitars humbuckers are renowned. Guitarists in different music genres such as jazz, country, blues, metal etc. use Les Paul’s guitars to get the sounds and tones that they want. If you are looking for a smooth jazz neck sound or a hard rock bridge sound, Gibson Les Paul guitar is the best option for you.


Some of the top Les Paul Guitars include the Billy Gibbon’s Pearly Gates, Peter Frampton’s Black 3 pickup Custom, Mick Ronson’s Natural Finish Custom, Jimmy Page’s No1 Standard and Eric Clapton’s Beano Les Paul. All these guitars have been used by famous artists and feature in some of the best all-time records. They all have unique tones, partly because of the guitarist’s style and partly because of the nature of the guitar and its pickups. The good thing about Les Paul guitars is that they can be used for any style of music and sound great.Photo by hans westbeek

Photo by Ozone Ferd
Photo by Ozone Ferd

more Telecaster

Photo by interestedbystandr
Photo by interestedbystandr

My favorite guitar, the Telecaster, was introduced to the world by Leo Fender, a businessman, and a renewed inventor, the Telecaster has the richest history amongst all the Fender electric guitars. Through the years, after a name change or two, Fender guitars were known as indispensable workhorse instruments that revolutionized the sound of music-and so they did. Many musicians looked to them for the change of tone or music and they gave them the distinct musical element that they were looking for.


Designed to be heard loud and clear, each classic Fender telecaster guitar provided a signature sound for many guitars in the world. Its originality has not only enabled it to become widely popular but also allowed Telecaster to maintain a great level of uniqueness and diversity in the music industry. Needless to say, the Fender Telecaster guitar is the best that there is. Its features include a single-cutaway body that represents its unchangeable design, snappy tone pickups and adjustability with a variety of music profiles.


Also referred to as Tele, the classic Fender telecaster was significantly used by hundreds of famous musicians. Game changers like Phil Baugh, Syd Barrett, Roy Buchanan and Jeff Buckley are known for the faithful use of the guitar, during the mid-1990 to these present years. While most of these musicians may have faced their unfortunate demise, the guitar still remains strong and has successfully changed hands over the years.


Even though the classic Fender telecaster is currently available in numerous variations, the early versions of the Fender electric guitars are what made it what it is today. These versions included:

Photo by ToNG!?
Photo by ToNG!?


The Fender Esquire Guitar (the 1950’s)

Manufactured in 1950’s, the Fender Esquire was introduced shortly after the debut of Broadcaster prototype. Available at affordable prices, this guitar became the mass majority’s favorite until the year 1969 when it was discontinued because of the shortcomings in some of its features. Butterscotch blonde and black in color, the Fender Esquire was one of the few electric guitars that did not have an acoustic manipulation of its tone. Before it stopped being manufactured, the guitar was redesigned and a tone control suitable was included in the newer model. However, the features were incorporated into the Broadcaster model.


Fender Broadcaster Guitar (1950)

After years of trial and error, Leo Fender began working on a practical electric guitar that would be known for its high volume and great feedback features. As some of the features were already found in the Esquire guitar model, the musical world already knew what was to be expected. The guitar would comprise of a bolt-on neck that would give a clarity level that would resemble Fender lap steel guitars. This new invention was introduced as the Fender Broadcaster Guitar in 1950. Boasting of 61 years of existence, revised models of this Telecaster guitar are now available and are widely used. (This is what my friend Chris, who is a demolition contractor in New Jersey has)


Fender Nocaster Telecaster Guitar (1951)

From the year 1950, each new year saw a new Fender innovation unveiled. 1951 came with the Fender Nocaster Guitar. Represented by a solid body, the guitar was a replica of the Fender Broadcaster but it had a few different tweaks. It comprised of a silver ducal and a diagonal route that was found between the pot cavity and the neck pick up.

Photo by doryfour
Photo by doryfour

The neck or the body pocket always contains a D-stamp and this is what distinguished this guitar from its previous counterpart, the Broadcaster.


Fender Telecaster Guitar (1968-present)

Manufactured in 1952, this guitar has never gone out of style. It has unique features and a unique musical personality that have kept it in demand till today. Comprising of a solid body and aluminum-bolted parts, the classic Fender telecaster has been able to outsell any other Fender guitar.


The Fender Precision Bass was a new guitar also released in this same year. However, a newly refined version of the Bass was made which led to its name change in 1957. This guitar was then called to the Telecaster Guitar.

Hobbyists and guitar wizards can make the most of telecaster guitars because of their unique features such as the rosewood fretboards and 3-position pickup switch. The guitars have given way to a new version; the Squire Telecaster, which is a value brand and alternative to Fender. Arguably, there is no other guitar that has enjoyed widespread popularity as the classic Fender telecaster. It is the testament to popularity and diverse styles.

Rick Nielsen’s Guitars

Rick Nielsen’s guitar collection

Photo by aaronHwarren
Photo by aaronHwarren

Starting off, it is important to mention that the legendary Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, has owned about 2,000 guitars over the last several decades. Last year, he went on record on with the fact that he currently owns over 400 guitars. Of all these guitars, perhaps one of the most iconic members of his six-string collection is the famous Hamer checkerboard five-neck guitar. Whichever way you look at it, Rick Nielsen’s guitar collection is amazing.


Rick Nielsen’s guitar collection on auction

For rock lovers and guitar enthusiasts in general, owning an instrument that has been in the hands of a legend is one of the most prestigious things worth celebrating. Due to the fact that he had way too many guitars and that he wanted some of his prized possessions to find a new home and rock on, Rick Nielsen put up a few of six-strings up for auction last year.
As things stood then, his 1956 Sunburst Gibson Les Paul Junior sold for $5,760. His 1959 Gibson ES-330T Mint Collector Grade did even better with bids reaching up to $6,800 and more. Some of his eye-catching axes up for grabs were: a Fender Floral Tele, a Dean Psychobilly Cabbie and a Nash F*cker Sh*tblaster.

Photo by Alberto Cabello Mayero
Photo by Alberto Cabello Mayero

A sample of his guitar collection when Rick Nielsen tours with Cheap Trick

Rock artists, especially guitarist do not leave things to chance. When they tour, they like to carry with them a wide selection of their guitars. Whether those six-strings that make the tour represent the artist’s favorite list is only for them to know. As for guitar lovers, we just stay mesmerized by the wide array of musical instrumental genius gracing the stage and serenading our ears.

When he was on the cover of Guitar Player in 2013, Rick went on stage with Cheap Trick in Napa, CA. The gracious instrumentalist granted Guitar Player an audience before he went on stage. He was kind enough to introduce his collection of axes for the Napa tour to Guitar Player.


And this is how that list read:

– He had with him a Hamer Standard. This had cartoons of himself on it. – He also had yet another Hamer Standard with metal flake sparkles.
– He had a Les Paul that had an Explorer headstock.
– He had a replica of his Checkerboard Standard. After the Ottawa stage collapse, Rick retired the original Checkerboard Standard due to damage.
– He also had with him a 1958 Les Paul.
– A Sgt. Pepper Hamer
– A box-shaped Rockford Hamer.
– A Yardbirds Esquire. This one was a replica of Jeff Beck’s and was actually given to Rick Nielsen by Jeff Beck himself.
– Rick Nielsen’s unmistakable tone has at the core of it the sound of Paul Rivera-modded Fender Deluxes. So naturally, these had to be there.

Here’s a video of Rick playing his five neck guitar in 1989

In an interview, Rick said that he always had a thing for old guitars. According to him, the old ones always seem to have something over the new ones. Growing up in Northern Illinois, surrounded by guitars at his father’s band and orchestral rental store, he says that people would trade in old guitars for new ones. He bought the old guitars mostly because he could afford them and because they had that ‘it’ tone that every musician tries to find.

His extended guitar collection

Rick Nielsen has owned thousands of guitars in the past. Some of the more illustrious names and brands that make the list as part of his extended selection include:

Hamer Guitars
Fender Custom
Merle Travis
Gibson Explorers
Malcolm Young Signature
Gibson Les Paul
White Penguin

This list could go on and on. The exact number of six-strings that have come into the possession of and into Rick Nielsen’s guitar collection maybe unclear due to the sheer number and the duration through which they have been collected. What isn’t in doubt, however, is that the legendary rocker has had a wonderful run and a great many beautiful and powerful axes at his disposal.

This is the kind of collection that mere mortals can only marvel at and occasionally get to own part of when he chooses to do some ‘guitar rack spring cleaning’ and put some on auction. Be prepared to part ways with a tidy sum whenever any of his guitars go up for auction. Don’t worry too much about the financial hit, you will be buying a piece of Rick Nielsen’s guitar collection. And to a guitar lover, that is priceless.

Photo by Alberto Cabello Mayero

rick nielsen photo
Photo by stannate

The Tele

The Fender Telecaster

Bruce Springsteen, Waylon Jennings, Muddy Waters, James Burton, Keith Richards and Joe Strummer are just some of the illustrious names that have been associated with the Telecaster guitar. Introduced to the musical world in 1951 by Leo Fender (a businessman and an inventor from Southern California), the Fender telecaster, fondly referred to as ‘Tele’ has steadfastly become one of the most iconic guitars in the world.

As one of the most popular electric guitars on the market today, there are a lot of things that set the Fender telecaster apart from the competition. The one thing that does stand out, however, is the care and expert technique with which each guitar is built. This guitar is built using a simple and straightforward design that increases versatility as well as playability.

Featuring a single cutaway body, a headstock that has six single-side tuners and two single-coil pickups, the Tele produces a bright and twangy tone that has propelled it to the apex of its industry.

Photo by michfiel
Photo by michfiel

Basic features of the Fender telecaster

Ever since its inception, the Tele has been produced in a great number of varieties. And even though there are a lot of model-specific variations that come with the different Tele guitars, there are some iconic characteristics that tend to be found in almost every Fender telecaster.

– Fretboards made out of Rosewood or Maple. Although Maple fretboards tend to be more common
– A solid body that usually comes in ash or alder- A bolt-on neck that is made of maple
– Polyester or polyurethane finish. Nitrocellulose lacquer for vintage Teles
– 2 single-coil pickups. One found in the bridge position while the other in the neck position
– Either 21 or 22 frets- 3-position pickup switch- 25.5″ scale length
– Master tone and volume controls- Vintage Teles have a 7 1/2″ fretboard radius while modern Teles have a 9 1/2″ fretboard radius

The popularity of the Tele

If you are still on the fence about which type of guitar is best for you, one of the most reliable indicators that point to a great instrument is to look at the list of legends who are associated with it. As mentioned earlier, the Tele has enjoyed some profound popularity with legendary artists from across all genres of music.

There are even artists who were so fond of the Tele that they garnered nicknames referencing the guitar itself. Good examples include, Roy Buchanan (King of the Tele), Albert Lee (Mr. Telecaster) and Danny Gatton (Telemaster). From rock to jazz, country, pop and everything in between, the Telecaster has played itself into the books of musical legend across the field.

Telecaster players by musical genre:

Soul – Freddie Stone and Steve Cropper
Rock – Bruce Springsteen, John 5, Joe Strummer, Jim Root and Keith RichardsPop – The late Prince, Jeff Buckley, Andy Summers, George Harrison and James Burton
Psychedelic Rock – Zoot Horn Rollo, Jeff Beck and Syd Barrett,
Country – Waylon Jennings, Brad Paisley, Clarence White, Vince Gill and Merle Haggard,
Blues – Roy Buchanan, Albert Collins, Mike Bloomfield and Muddy Waters
Jazz – Howard Roberts, Jimmy Bryant, Barney Kessel and Mike Stern

Photo by Moucha
Photo by Moucha

Buying a Telecaster

Choosing a guitar, as much as it sounds like a lot of fun, can be rather frustrating considering there are countless options available. The thing about the Tele is that it is a versatile piece of musical instrument that takes into account the fact that every musician is different. Depending on your style of play and preference, you should choose a Telecaster that speaks to your strongest attributes as a player. However, you should be warned that every Tele is unique and almost just as good as the next.


Truth be told, buying a new Tele can be a bit expensive. That is why people who are just starting out often opt for buying a second hand instrument. Not only will this save you a bundle of money, but it will give you an opportunity to practice with a guitar that has already been ‘broken in’. On average, a used beginner’s guitar can go for about $200-$300 while the intermediate and custom shop models could cost thousands of dollars.

But as expensive as this might sound, one thing is for sure, when you buy a Fender Telecaster, you are buying a wonderful musical instrument that will not only refine your sound, but improve it all together. As a guitarist, the Tele is your best friend.